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Gambling-related harm

There is an association between gambling and suicide. This animation below illustrates the outcomes of recent research that has been carried out by the Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Network. The research involved people who gamble, and those who are affected by someone else gambling. The research will help to develop an understanding of the impacts and influences of gambling, and how we can help people who are gambling or more at risk of gambling, and those who are affected by others.

The animation highlights that:

  • Men aged 18 – 44 with lower incomes are more at risk of gambling harm
  • Many people don’t seek help until they reach crisis point
  • Men who gamble are often prompted by routine, or for escaping

You can find more useful resources about Gambling Related Harm Reduction here

The NHS Northern Gambling Service (NGS) is a regional service covering the Yorkshire & Humber area, with a mixture of face-to-face and remote appointments. NGS supports people with gambling problems, as well as those experiencing other difficulties such as mental health problems, or feeling suicidal. NGS also has a service for ‘affected others’ which is for loved ones who are experiencing distress as a result of someone else’s gambling behaviour. NGS is made up of specialist addiction psychologists and therapists, as well as people with lived experience.

Services that are likely to come across people with harmful gambling include debt services, primary care, mental health services, IAPT services, crisis services, drug and alcohol services, housing and homeless services, major employers, sports clubs, and the criminal justice system.

The service accepts direct self-referrals, as well as professional referrals. Please see the NGS website for contact and referral details: https://www.leedsandyorkpft.nhs.uk/our-services/northern-gambling-service/

Robyn Fletcher

November 25, 2022